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Logical Interventions for Family Treatment


Program Identification: LIFT is a brief therapy focused outpatient program designed to reduce incidents of child removal from the home due to adverse behaviors or parental needs.

Description: LIFT is a program designed to focus on the mental health of the entire family. LIFT takes the concept of Intensive In-home and enhances the parent portion. LIFT gives each member of the family significant time per week to deal with family issues in addition to their own assessed diagnosis. It opens the door to several mediums:

1. Identifies problems in the home as perceived by both the parents and the child.
2. Educates the parents and child on diagnosis, medication, behaviors, and provides therapeutic interventions for those behaviors.
3. Allows an interactive process for parents to express feelings and thoughts about circumstance in the home in a safe environment.
4. Creates a professional therapeutic relationship (individual and group therapy) for all family members.
5. Provides evidence based therapy focused on desired outcome and problem resolution.

 Purpose: The purpose of LIFT is simply to give global access to therapy and education to the entire family in an efficient, professional, and cost effective manner. LIFT provides an avenue for education and therapeutic intervention not available in other arenas.  LIFT will allow at least two hours of licensed therapy per week (1 hour individual and at least 1 hour of family counseling per week).


Implementation Process:


·         Initial Assessment: All participants will receive an individual assessment. This will identify the needs of each member of the family such as diagnosis, education needed, group placement, and individual perceptions of the problems in the home.

·         Education: All parents will receive education on diagnosis, symptoms, and expected behaviors concerning the child and themselves. Education will consist of 3 one hour sessions.

·         Behavioral Modification: Family structure therapeutic interventions will be presented to family members with interactive discussion and role play exercises presented by Licensed therapist or Licensed eligible therapist. These sessions will be 1 hour per week for 12-15 weeks.

·         Individual Therapy: Individual therapy will be offered to all participants. Child will receive individual therapy 1 hour per week. Each family member may opt to work on their own individual therapy 1 hour per week as well and will be assigned a personal therapist.

·         Family Therapy:  Family therapy will be given 1 hour per week for the entire family unit. This will be required of all members of the family within the LIFT program.

·         Group Therapy: Group therapy will be available to all family members to include, depression, anxiety, anger management, parenting (court approved and otherwise), substance abuse (adolescent and adult), DBT, relationship, self-improvement (assertiveness, self-worth, ect) and behavioral modification. The group experience will give families of like diagnosis an opportunity to interact and share experiences and possible solutions to family issues. Usually 12 to 15 weeks.

Desired Outcome: The desired outcome of the LIFT program is to educate, motivate, and clinically support the recovery of the entire family unit in a finite brief therapeutic fashion.  The hope of the program is develop trust and cooperation between family members and reduce behaviors that may cause risk for removal of the child from the home.

Cost and Funding: Cost for therapy groups will be $30.00 per session. Cost of initial assessment is $125.00 per session. Cost per individual and family session will be $80.00 per session. These cost will generally be funded by insurance.  However, we do offer a sliding scale to those who do not have insurance.

The cost of education groups are not funded by insurance. Other avenues of funding are Self Pay, or may be covered by CSA, Foster Care, or DJJ upon approval.

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